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Germ Guardian™
UV-C Air Sanitizer

Uses UV-C light technology to kill 99.9% of targeted airborne germs.
Requires no filters, maintenance-free
BlowOut Special - $98.99!
Stainless Steel Blue White

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Negative Ion Study Information
Neotec XJ-2000-UV
Neotec XJ-2000-UV

With UV Lamp
Power: AC adapter or 12VDC auto cord
Out of stock
Neotec XJ-100
NeoTec XJ-100

For your refrigerator
Power: internal batteries
SALE - $18.99
Neotec XJ-600
NeoTec XJ-600

For your automobile
Power: 12V auto adapter
Out of stock

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Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra

Function/Effectiveness: The Ionic Breeze has *2* negative ion producing pins. The negative ions it produces are mostly contained within the unit. The XJ-2000 features 16 ionic pins, and the XJ-2100 has 25 ionic pins!

Portability/Shape: Due to it's shape the Ionic Breeze isn't easily portable to take with you. The Ionic Breeze's size makes it impractical to take along on road trips to combat sterilize musty hotel rooms. The NeoTec units were engineered with the business traveler in mind. The Ionic Breeze doesn't have a car adapter, the XJ-2000 and XJ-2100 do. The Ionic Breeze Quadra is a tall-standing unit. The Neotec Air ionizers are smaller and shaped in a flat portable size. This allows the them to be placed on higher locations. The Ionic Breeze is limited to where you can place it due to its shape. They all work the best if they are placed at higher levels in the room, but the Ionic Breeze is designed to sit on the floor.

Price: The most important consideration is price. The Ionic Breeze cost around $350 (HUGE markup!), and can only treat one room, (or more accurately...the air near the unit in one room). You can treat five or six rooms for less with the XJ-2000 Air Purifiers and surround your home with clean air. The XJ-2000 air purifier uses only 6 watts of electricity - this is nearly 3 times less than what the Ionic Breeze consumes. The XJ-2100 uses a maximum of 8 watt (with the fan turned on).

Negative Ion Comparison: In an informal test the Ionic Breeze Quadra measured about 2000 per cubic centimeter at a distance of 3 feet. The XJ-2000 measured about 150,000 at this same distance!

Cleaning: The XJ-2000 and XJ-2100 have easy to clean stainless plates vs. two hard to clean wires for the Quadra.

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HEPA Filtration Units

Price: One HEPA unit can cost over a thousand dollars over a 2 year period when you factor in replacement filters, hundreds of dollars a year in electricity, plus the original investment. Multiplied by the number of rooms in your home or business, and their price makes them cost prohibitive. Our units consume $10 or less a year in electricity run 24/7. It would cost over $6000 to purchase and operate 5 HEPA machines over 2 years.

Effectiveness: Cost aside, which unit is more effective at cleaning the air? The most effective HEPA machines are only effective for particles over .30 microns, and they don't address the serious issue of extremely low indoor negative ion levels. The XJ 2000 can effectively remove particles as small as .01 microns and fills the air with healthy negative ion levels similar to those near the beach, a waterfall, or clean country air. It's been written that 80% of all floating particles are smaller than .10 microns; things like viruses, bacteria, pollen, mite droppings, mold spores, chemicals, gases, cigarette smoke, and odors in general. Our ionic air purifiers can address these issues; HEPA are ineffective with smaller particles.

Noise Pollution: HEPA units create noise pollution; ours are virtually silent.

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Ecoquest Living Air Classic (Formerly Alpine)

Price: The price for the Living Air Classic is around $600 (pricing varies)

Effectiveness: Ecoquest claims you can effectively treat an entire home. We own one, and would debate that point. If turned up high enough to treat an entire home the ozone level near the unit would be dangerously high (our opinion based on studies and our experience). You can treat a large number of rooms for about the same purchase price with our ionic air purifiers. The Living Air Classic has one negative ion producing pin. The XJ-2100 features 25 ionic pins.

Noise Pollution: The Living Air Classic uses a fan to more the air; our units are virtually silent. The XJ-2100 does have a small fan which can be turned on or off, but it is very quiet.

Portability: Living Air doesn't have a 12V car adapter, all of ours do except for the refrigerator unit.

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Friedrich C90A Electrostatic Air Cleaner

A leading Consumer Reporting organization rated the a Friedrich C90A Electrostatic Air Cleaner a "Best Buy". It utilizes filters and negative ions to purify the air and is rated for areas up to 465 sq ft. Why do we believe that Ionic Air Purification systems are a better value?

Price: At $475-$499 per unit, it cost $2500.00 to treat five rooms.

Weight: At 28 lbs, you won't be able to take it on the road.

Energy consumption: At 90 watts, which translates into almost $90 a year in electricity per unit if you run it 24/7 like we run our would cost you $450 per year for electricity, not to mention replacement filter costs.

Sure, this unit works great due to the negative ion generator feature. But is it a better value? (We don't think so.)

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Our discount prices allow you to economically treat every room in your residence for less than the price of just one Ionic Breeze, Living Air, or one large HEPA machine. This is the best value in air purification, period!

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